We Answer Your Questions

What is an annuity?
This is a fixed (or sometimes variable) amount of money paid to a contract holder annually. It is regarded as a way to guarantee an income for the rest of your life.
Is this a safe way to approach retirement?
Many financial professionals regard these contracts as a way of mitigating risk. We only partner with insurers that have outstanding reputations to ensure our clients receive the best service and can enjoy peace of mind when approaching retirement.
What are the different types of annuities?
The three most popular types are fixed, variable and equity-indexed. We compare and contrast these products here.
What are the advantages that these contracts offer?
First, there is no annual contribution limit, unlike other tax-deferred retirement strategies. Also, everything you invest compounds annually without being taxed. For more benefits, we encourage you to download our free LifeVest Advisors Annuity Essentials Guide!
What happens to my annuity when I pass away?
When you complete the application process, you will name a beneficiary. You will also be advised of the different death benefits available when you work with a LifeVest Advisor.
What influences my annuity income?
The type of contract, deferment and length of payments are a few of the main factors of your expected income.
Can I move my annuity from one company to another?
Most contracts can be moved using a 1035 exchange, which is also known as a tax-free transfer. If you move to an insurer that offers lower costs, you can save a lot of money over time. Consider the surrender charges before you decide to switch. We encourage you to discuss your situation with a trusted LifeVest Advisor first.
How do I report the associated taxes?
Since tax strategies are often complicated, we recommend you discuss your situation with a LifeVest Advisor.
Am I able to fund an IRA with my annuity?
You are able to fund IRAs using your annuity. Discuss this strategy with a competent financial professional to determine whether it is the best course of action to take.
Why do life insurance companies issue annuities?
Many life insurance companies have the reputation and the size to offer outstanding retirement products in addition to standard permanent or term life insurance policies. When choosing a retirement strategy, you want the confidence in knowing you and your loved ones will be taken of in the future. Discuss the different companies offering contracts with your advisor.